Data Quality

How does AtoZdatabases compile its 30 million U.S. businesses & Executives file?
The AtoZ Business Database of 30 million U.S. businesses & executives is multi-sourced to ensure maximum coverage. Our business database is compiled from data sources including new telephone connects, Secretary of State Filings, national directory assistance data, annual reports, SEC filings, corporate registers, public records, thousands of yellow and white page directories and specialty business directories.
How does AtoZdatabases compile its 220 million U.S residents file?
The AtoZ Residential Database of 220 million U.S. residents is multi-sourced to ensure maximum coverage. Our residential database is compiled from data sources including thousands of white pages, national directory assistance data, real estate deed and tax information, voter registration data, mail order data, warranty cards, and many other sources.
What are the main features and benefits of the AtoZdatabases?
  • Most comprehensive coverage on businesses in the U.S.
  • We have more database search selects than any other competitor.
  • Universal search technology lets you search single elements across multiple databases to ensure quicker and comprehensive results.
  • Multi sourced data with monthly updates.
  • Ability to email profile to patrons and co-workers.
  • The ability to download 1000 records per search, with no limit on overall download.
  • Triple-Verified Business Database.


Can I email or download data from AtoZdatabases?
AtoZ users can email, download and print.
  • Email records Users can easily share data among co-workers, family or friends.
  • Downloading Export up to 1,000 records internally and externally ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • Printing – Printing a quick one page profile in a PDF format results in cost efficiency and the use of less paper. Users will also have a place to make notes at the bottom of the detailed page. GO GREEN!!
How does AtoZdatabases help libraries during the transition to AtoZdatabases?
  • We will provide free access to AtoZdatabases during the transition.
  • We will work with your IT team to setup in-house and remote Authentication.
  • We will work with your technical contact to position AtoZ on your website.
  • We will be available to small businesses, Chambers of Commerce and patrons to assist them with their search needs.
  • We will organize 2-hour training sessions, in person or webinar.
  • We will help market your library to your community.
Do you have a Sample Report?
Yes, AtoZdatabases has sample reports available. Please click here to view

About Us

We have heard AtoZdatabases is the “Southwest Airline of the Reference Industry?” Please explain.
In 2010, Southwest Airlines was the nation’s leading airline carrier, and was best known for its low prices along with its on time service. AtoZdatabases aims to become the Southwest of the Reference Industry by providing first class databases and services at affordable prices. We’re having a lot of fun on our journey and we think it shows in our product and services.
How can AtoZdatabases be priced so much less than its primary competitor?
Like Southwest, AtoZdatabases won’t nickel and dime customers for “extra baggage or snacks.” There are no hidden fees for additional “modules.” A subscription to AtoZdatabases includes every data element on every database we offer. AtoZdatabases works hard and smart to keep costs down and pass those savings on to our customers.
What did AtoZdatabases find in its market research?
We found many libraries were anxious to find a cost effective alternative to some of the pricey competitors in the market, along with more comprehensive coverage. We believe AtoZdatabases meets the needs of the library market by offering Better Data, Better Search and Better Price.
What is AtoZdatabases’ customer service philosophy?
Our AtoZdatabases Follow-Through Philosophy states:
  • We will set you up on a 30-day free trial and train any staff members.
  • We will provide a license agreement for your review.
  • We will coordinate the link from your website to ours.
  • We will offer help with positioning our link on your website and with providing product description for the highest usage effect.
  • We will send automated usage statistic reports at the beginning of each month. Your library will also have the ability to retrieve usage statistics 24/7.
  • We will support your library by helping you create and maintain a small business networking environment, for your staff and patrons by providing marketing materials,email marketing services, press releases, and webinars as many times as you need.
How long has AtoZdatabases been in existence?
In 1972, Vin Gupta founded American Business Lists, which became InfoUSA and later InfoGroup. Over 37 years he created the largest database company in the U.S. In 2008, he left the CEO position and in 2010, the company was sold. Later that year Vin went on to create AtoZdatabases bringing along his core leadership team to build an even better company than before. AtoZdatabases was designed and built specifically to meet the needs of the Library market.


Who else is using AtoZdatabases? How many trials are going on?
Many public libraries throughout the U.S. have subscribed to AtoZdatabases. We set up numerous trials each week. Call us to discuss existing trials and subscribers.
Will AtoZdatabases provide a list of references?
Yes, just call or email us.
What are users saying about AtoZdatabases?

We love the fact that there are over 31 million businesses and over 215 million residents.
-Harrison Memorial Library

I wanted to let you know that I was working the reference desk last week and had a patron inquire about a business. I couldn’t find it in ReferenceUSA, but I knew it existed, so I tried it in your database and found it right away. I was really impressed.
-Cecil County Public Library


Does AtoZdatabases have remote access?
  • Yes, AtoZdatabases can be accessed remotely.
What are the different authentication methods that are supported?
  • IP Address or Range
    • IP address(es) or range(s) within the walls of the library (internal access).
    • Remote proxy IP address(es) or range outside the walls of the library (remote access).
  • Referring URL
    • Referring URL Challenge is available for libraries that need AtoZdatabases to provide library card authentication (remote access).
    • Referring URL No-Challenge is available for libraries that subscribe to a third-party that provides library card authentication, such as EZProxy (remote access).
  • Contact AtoZdatabases for special cases and we will work with you to identify a solution.

Browsers and Resolution

What are the minimum browser requirements?
The minimum browser requirements are:
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater
  • Firefox 3.0 or greater
What are the minimum resolution requirements?
The minimum browser resolution is 800×600. However, we recommend using 1024×768 as you will be able to see everything within the browser.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Where can I find AtoZdatabases’ Terms and Conditions?
We have one of those policies. If you’re interested, please read the Terms & Conditions.
Where is AtoZdatabases’ Privacy Policy?
For a full explanation of how AtoZdatabases’ treats your personal information, please read the AtoZdatabases’ Privacy Policy.