• Be consistent with sending frequency
  • Include both HTML and text versions of emails
  • Include an unsubscribe option
  • Remove recipients who unsubscribe from your list right away
  • Maintain a consistent ‘From’ name and address
  • Avoid spam words like FREE, fast cash and Act now!
  • Avoid using all caps and exclamation marks as they trigger spam filters
  • Send emails to seed accounts to test deliverability
  • Remove inactive subscribers from your list.
  • Prompt users to add you to their address book
  • Use a subject line that is not misleading; it should have relevance to the content
  • Use pre-header text to support your subject line
  • Make your call-to-action stand out
  • Make sure your email is responsive, many emails are read via mobile device or tablet
  • Make it easy for prospects: offer click-to-call and auto-apply discount codes
  • Avoid using too many images – we recommend 80% text and 20% image
  • Use small paragraphs, bullets and bolding
  • Use ‘alt tags’ for images for email clients who do not automatically load images
  • Ensure your email is CAN-SPAM compliant – include physical address, unsubscribe link and clear ‘From’ address.