Google and other search engines are valuable tools but they are limited to simple searches. AtoZdatabases provides patrons the ability to ask complex questions and get answers in a consistent format.
Patron Type Typical Search Google? AtoZdatabases
Salesperson Find home improvement prospects with median household income of over $90,000 in ZIP Code 77006. NO? YES
? Find businesses in the San Diego, CA metro area with more than 5 employees and sales of over 1 million. NO? YES
Student Research export companies within 20 miles of Long Beach, CA with sales volume over $10 million. NO? YES
Entrepreneur Locate all women?s clothing stores within 5, 10, 20, and 40 miles radius of 545 S. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ. NO? YES
Business Owner Determine your best customer?s profile and search for more potential customers just like them. NO? YES
Job Seeker Find welding businesses within a 10 mile radius of ZIP Code 68137 with more than 50 employees. NO? YES
? Find food processing businesses within the Kansas City, MO metro area that have a human resources. NO? YES
Genealogist Research current contact information for all residents in Iowa with the last name Haack. NO? YES
Non-Profit Agency Gather the names of charitable givers within area code 602. NO? YES
? Find women-owned companies within area code 213 with 10 or more employees. NO? YES
Nosey Neighbor Obtain the name, demographic, and census profile information of any residence. NO? YES
Collection Agent Find all non-franchise businesses in PA with more than 10 employees, incorporated in PA. NO? YES
Minority Business Owner Find minority-owned, flooring installers in the state of NJ to network with. NO? YES