The 2 Keywords Employers look for on your Resume

ACTION WORDS Action words show off your skills. Put these on your r?sum? to show employers you have the ability and the drive to make things happen.
  • Management Skills: administered, analyzed, assigned, attained, chaired, directed, reviewed, strengthened, contracted, and supervised.
  • Communication Skills: addressed, arbitrated, corresponded, developed, directed, persuaded, and interpreted.
  • Creative Skills: acted, conceptualized, designed, developed, fashioned, illustrated.
JOB SPECIFIC BUZZWORDS A job specific buzzword is one the company associates with the position they are looking to fill. To make sure you put the right buzzwords on your r?sum?, check out our article on 4 ways to use AtoZdatabases to beat the competition. A word of caution! Try not to overuse buzzwords
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