3 Resume templates to fit any job

  • A. I am an ENTRY level job seeker
    • a. I’ve just graduated high school/college
    • b. I have NO full-time work experience
  • B. I am an EXPERIENCED job seeker
    • a. I’ve been working full-time for 1 year or more
    • a. I am a medical/dental/optometry/nursing/OT/PT student applying for residencies
    • b. I am a professor or graduate student looking for employment at a college or university
  • A. Chronological R?sum?: To write this style of r?sum?, order work experiences with most recent first. This is the most commonly used style for category A: entry-level job seekers and new graduates. Download template now
  • B. Functional R?sum?: Highlights best skills and qualifications. Organizes skills in order of importance to support your career objectives and interests. This is a good format for people who have been unemployed, a stay-at-home parent, or in prison.Download template now
  • C. Curriculum Vitae (CV): this r?sum? type is more detailed than others and is usually 2-4 pages in length. Download template now
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