3 is the magic number – how to summarize your skill set

This is an employer’s favorite question. In this article, we give you the 5 keys you need to answer it. Your skill set is essential to your job search. Skill Set = Ability + Passion + Economics
In 1990, Jim Collins published a best-seller book, “Good to Great.” The book chronicled the transition of companies from average to great. One of the best points in this book is called, “The Hedgehog Concept.” It means that you can become great at something you are passionate about, have the talent and ability to do, and can make money doing.
PASSION Passion is, “what lights your fire.” When you are passionate about certain aspect of your career, enjoy reading about it, and/or seek out other people. The interview is a critical time to show you have a passion that matches that of the company. ABILITY Ability asks the question, “What can you be best in the world at?” ECONOMICS Economics is what makes you money.
Action Steps:
  • Take 5 minutes at the end of each workday to do a quick assessment. Divide your paper into 2 columns: energize and sap. Pause to reflect on the day. Then write the tasks, which steal your energy and those, which rejuvenate you under each column.
  • After a month of doing these assessments review what you’ve learned. Can you summarize your skill set?
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