4 ways to use AtoZ’s Find a Job Database to beat the competition

AtoZ’s ‘Find a Job’ database will get you all the information you need to know. The FIRST Step is to know WHERE you want to go.
It helps to have an IDEA of what job you are looking for. 1. USE the job descriptions Job descriptions are crucial to knowing what employers are looking for when they are hiring. A well-written job description spells out your responsibilities in the job. This description can also help you to find 2 key things:
  • To help you decide if you are a good fit for the role
  • To give employers a checklist as they are reading your r?sum?
2. Read MANY job descriptions Why should you read many job descriptions? Every employer is a little different in how they word employee skills. Also, depending on the industry you are working in, the skills and experience required is different. 3. Pick out BUZZWORDS Buzzwords are clues employers give you to help you prepare an effective r?sum? and say the right things in an interview. Look for job titles, degrees, action verbs and industry specific jargon. 4. Write down SIMILAIRITIES When you find similarities between your skill set and the job description, you know you’ve found a good match. Then it is time to move on to the next step- writing your r?sum?!
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