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“We’ve recently added AtoZdatabases and patrons and staff have been happy with it. I worked with another librarian to perform complicated market research and found AtoZ easier to search than some of our other business databases.”
“We were working with our local Chamber of commerce last month, getting them a list of all businesses in our township. We noticed that some businesses we knew of were not listed in Reference USA, but we sure found them on AtoZdatabases! We are really pleased with the up to date and reliable information, and the database is so easy to use that out patron’s learning curves are pretty flat.”
“I didn’t think that there could ever be a better business database than RefUSA…UNTIL I tried AtoZdatabases. This product simply can’t be beat…you can answer EVERY business question in the world with it, and thousands of other types of queries as well. As a professional adult services reference librarian, I have used many, many research sites, but none with the depth and breadth of AtoZ. It is, quite simply, THE BEST. If you have any doubts, try it for yourself, you will not believe how amazing it is. If it were up to me, every library in Pennsylvania would have access to this excellent product.”
“Wichita Public is happy with AtoZ’s data after lots of testing by staff. Our customers like the generous downloading rules.”
“Searching on AtoZ is very user friendly: the search options are one page, and the results quickly appear on one page. We can now provide a highly reliable and searchable database at a price our small library can afford.”
“We needed a list of all the businesses in our city to get sponsors for our Library 30th Anniversary. Using AtoZdatabases, we found a lot more than we expected! This is a great product at a great price!”
“We were trying to create a list of all restaurants in the city for new customers. Very happy with the results and the number of listings that can be downloaded at once compared to ReferenceUSA”
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