Tips for handling known issues

Clearing Cache and Cookies:

If you are experiencing access issues, please try to access AtoZdatabases from a different browser. If you are able to access, you will need to clear your cache and cookies from the initial browser.

a. Google Chrome:

1. Click on Chrome at the top right corner of the browser

2. Go to Settings and click on ‘Show Advanced settings’ link

3. Under Privacy, click on ‘Clear browsing data..’ this will open a pop-up

4. Make sure the boxes are checked for ?Cookies and other site and plugin data? and ?Cached images and files?

5. Click on ?Clear browsing data?

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b. Mozilla FireFox:

1. Click on menu button Mozilla and go to ?Options?

2. On the ?Options? page, click on ?Advanced?

3. Go to ?Network? tab and click on button ?Clear Now?

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c. Safari:

1. Select ?Preferences? and click on ?Privacy? icon

2. Click on details button and search for

3. Hit ?Remove All?

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d. Internet Explorer:

1. Click on settings button IE

2. Click on ‘Delete Browsing History’ under ‘safety’

3. Select ‘Cookies and website data’

4. Click on ‘Delete’

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