50,000 NEW Homeowners Added Weekly


New Homeowner information is provided by county register of deeds offices in most of the 50 United States. As properties are bought and sold, the deed for the property, containing the purchaser’s name, the sale price and sale date, has to be recorded by the county government. In most states, these records are considered public information and are made available to the general public. However, the state law in several states does not require the recorder’s office to make sales related information available to the public, including the sales price and sales date of the property. As a result, the number of new homeowner records in these states may be low. In addition, each county reports their deed information on a different schedule. Some counties report every week, some counties report once a month and some counties report whenever it is most convenient for them. This can result in a wide range of purchase dates being made available each week and fluctuations in counts in each county from week to week.


Our multi-sourcing methodology ensures that our data is exceptionally accurate and comprehensive.


The database is continuously compiled and updated on the application weekly.